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a Series of Eureka Moments!
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Rooted in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Leadership


Little Lost Perhaps? Feeling Off Track? Experiencing Professional or Personal "GPS" Frustrations?


The Role of Your Certified Professional Coach is to Facilitate Your Efforts in...


Let Us Help You Discover How to Navigate Your Route to Realizing Personal and Professional Growth Potential With More Clarity, Confidence, Action Planning, and Accountability!


elcome to EurekaTree Coaching inc.


Our team of International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coaches operates according to a strict code of ethics and offers you a safe, professional, and non-judgemental space to explore and expand your self-awareness ~ the essential key to realizing any positive change in your personal and/or professional life. The ICF is the Gold Standard of coaching and defines it as...

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...partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

The ICF adheres to a form of coaching that honours clients as the expert in their life and work, and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, an ICF certified coach has a responsibility to:

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• Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve

• Encourage client self-discovery

• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies

• Hold the client responsible and accountable

Just click on the question and the link will take you to a well-written and informative article so you won't have to wonder anymore...

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(Psychologist, NY Times Science Journalist, Author)


All members of our team are also certified to use the internationally acclaimed EQ-i      and EQ 360  assessments providing you with valuable insights into your Emotional Intelligence and its impact on your personal and/or professional growth goals.



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Emotional Intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think, feel, and act. It shapes our interactions with others and our understanding of ourselves. It defines how and what we learn; it allows us to set priorities; it determines the majority of our daily actions. Research suggests it is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the "success" in our lives."                                                                                                   ~ Joshua Freedman (Author & Expert in Emotional Intelligence)

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Our Vision

A world of people wholeheartedly and proactively engaged in the pursuit of personal and professional mental wellness for all; resulting in empowered, self-assured, resilient people living fulfilled lives at home and at work.

Our Mission

Using professional coaching skills and principles, we work in partnership with our clients to proactively attend to their mental wellness by facilitating deeper self-awareness and revealing the inner strengths they possess to live life with courage, confidence, resilience, and self-respect.

Our Vision
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